नवंबर 19, 2011

how veg are you?

After seeing a lot of "pseudo veg" alerts on FB about the so called veg products I decided to check myself, I picked 5 star (due to easy availability, thanks to my kiddo) to analyze and here is the result -

Product: 5 star (Cadbury)
It has a green symbol (aka a veg product) printed on it and some ingredient codes are -


471 - Mono- and Diglycerides of fatty acids aka E471 is derived from Glycerine (Glycerol / E422)

422 - Glycerol aka E422 (Humectant, Solvent, Sweet Glycerin) is derived through various industrial reselling practices, a majority of glycerine originates as a by-product of soap manufacturing. Many soaps are manufactured using animal fats. This indicates that even though glycerine occurs naturally in plants, what ends up in food and soap products mostly originates from animals.

476 - Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate aka E476 is produced from glycol esters the glycerol can be sourced from a by-product of animal fats in the manufacturing of soap.


412 - Guar Gum, used as thickener

Acidity Regulator

526 - Calcium Hydroxide, which is a mineral salt

So the final story is that if 422 is sourced from plants, only then it can be called a VEG product but if source of above said emulsifier is animal fat then definitely it is a NON VEG product. Only the manufacturing company can tell us about the source of the emulsifiers, Without this information no one can claim that it's a VEG product.

On the other hand I wonder why Indians specially Hindus are so crazy about being VEG, it's ok, it's a choice, I am just wondering because if we see our history, we were never stuck to VEG food. There is an incident when Vasishtha (who along with Pulatsya narrated the Vishnu PuraN) was offered the dish made of human flesh disguised as some other flesh, but he discovered it and cursed the King. Although this incident was result of a trick, but it only shows that in ancient times having non veg food was a common practice in all the Varnas of Vedic Culture. Another major incident is related to a legend Shakyamuni Buddha, he had literally pig's food or pork as his last meal and declared that he would die in the third watch of the night. He sent word that Cunda (the smith who prepared food for him) was not to feel remorse but consider this giving of alms of the greatest merit.

Any way it depends on you, your mindset and your beliefs, what to eat and what not to. Have fun.

Sources: wikipedia, veggieglobal.com & other sources from net.